Why is Solana going up?

Solana is a company that provides blockchain-based solutions to the enterprise. Recently, Solana announced that they are partnering with Amazon Web Services to provide blockchain cloud services. With this partnership, Amazon will integrate its Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service with Solana’s Blockchain Service for its customers.

This partnership can be interpreted as Amazon’s way of saying that they are ready to take on the future of blockchain technology. The company will essentially be giving enterprise customers the blockchain backend without charging extra for it, which can make it easier for them to adopt this technology at scale.

Why is Solana increasing?

There are a lot of reasons for Solana’s popularity. It all starts with the increased processing power that GPUs provide. GPUs have been around for years, but it is only recently that they have been put to use as a way to run neural networks.

Solana is steadily increasing because it is the first blockchain with the capability of processing tens of thousands of transactions per second. It has many use cases that can benefit from its high speed.

Some examples are:

  • A new game can be created on Solana since processing power isn’t an issue;
  • Dapps (Decentralized applications) like Cryptokitties were heavily congested, but Solana can handle them;
  • As more people use cryptocurrencies, they need a more efficient platform to process all transactions.

One more reason is the introduction of TensorFlow, which is a suite of tools and libraries designed to allow researchers and data scientists to develop deep learning algorithms on a wide range of hardware platforms.

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