What is a good hashrate for ethereum mining

A good hashrate for ethereum mining is something that you have to experiment with.

It can vary according to the number of GPUs that are being used, the type of GPU, the time period where miners are mining and other factors.

It can also vary depending on your energy cost, equipment cost and many other factors.

You should start by installing Ethminer or Minergate onto your computer.

These software programs will allow you to set up your miner and experiment with different parameters like GPU clock speed, memory clock speed and fan speeds until you find the best hashrate for ethereum mining.

A hashrate can be defined as the number of computations that a unit of cryptocurrency miner can perform in a given period of time. This is very important for miners as the higher the hashrate, the more calculations they will be able to do and the more likely they will be able to mine a block and get rewarded with ether.

The hash rate is usually measured in hashes per second (mega-hashes, giga-hashes, tera-hashes and so on).

A good hashrate for mining ether is around 30-50 Mh/s, but there are many factors that affect this such as:

  • The difficulty of mining EthereumEthereum
  • Power size of their mining hardware
  • Type of CPU used (Intel vs AMD)
  • Type of GPU used (NVIDIA vs AMD)
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