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How do I protect my Coinbase wallet?

Coinbase protects your account with 2-step verification, which is enabled by default on your account. The first step is to enter your password. The second step is to confirm the access request with a code that’s sent to you via SMS or email. We would like to present you with the best ways to protect […]

What’s the difference between Coinbase wallet and Vault?

Coinbase wallet is a digital wallet that enables users to send and receive bitcoin, ether, and litecoin. But it does not store your private keys so you are essentially trusting Coinbase to keep your funds secure. What is Vault? Vault is an advanced version of Coinbase wallet which provides advanced security for storing large amounts […]

How does CoinSwitch make money?

Coinswitch is a digital currency trading platform with an API that enables users to trade currencies at the best rates. The API has been created for various purposes such as arbitrage opportunities, data analysis, and trading. The API has been in use for over 12 months and currently offers Forex and CFD trading. The API […]

How to withdraw money from CoinSwitch?

You can always request to retrieve the funds in your wallet by transferring them into a linked bank account. You can do this through the platform at any time. Coinswitch is an exchange platform that allows trading of cryptocurrencies. To withdraw money from this platform: You need to log into your account. Click on the […]

Is CloudCoin a good investment?

CloudCoin is a digital currency that was released in 2018. It is unlike any other coin in that it doesn’t have mining. Instead, CloudCoin relies on a “proof of stake algorithm” to generate coins. Theoretically, this means that anyone can generate coins with an investment of just $10-$50. The community for CloudCoin has been growing […]

How does XYO geomining work?

The XYO is a global service that mines data from public sources. It allows you to search, analyse and map geospatial information. XYO is the only commercial platform that combines cloud-based Big Data analytics with satellite imagery, aerial photography and social media all in one place – for any location in the world. XYO is […]

What is the most accurate crypto exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency. They are the place to go if you want to convert your local currency into cryptocurrency. To select the most accurate crypto exchange, take a look at which country they are located in, how many coins they support, what fees they charge and how […]

How do you know if a crypto exchange is legit?

With the massive growth of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there is a surge in the number of crypto exchanges. But with their unregulated nature, it is difficult to know if they are legit. Here are some simple ways to check if they are legitimate: Check for any public records or reports that rate them and whether […]