How to mine litecoin on android?

Today, more powerful machine – ASIC chips with high efficiency and low power consumption – is used to mine LightCoin.

Despite this fact, mining Litecoin on Android does not look fantastic. The Google Play service offers many applications that allow mining cryptocurrency using a cell phone. The advantage is that a person does not need to make an investment – you downloads the application, installs the Litecoin-wallet, makes the necessary settings and starts earning virtual coins. The accumulated money is transferred to the vault and then exchanged into fiat money.

The best app for mining Litecoin on Android

The LTC Miner app is a simple and straightforward app for mining Litecoin on Android devices. It supports both CPU and GPU mining.

  • You can mine Litecoin on your Android device without any extra hardware.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface which is easy to navigate and intuitive to use.
  • The built-in miner will automatically detect and use the most profitable algorithm to mine litecoins, but you can also choose from among other algorithms if you prefer.

Lightcoin mining apps on Android are nothing more than a toy, and you can’t count on a serious profit. Moreover, developers of such programs often set insurmountable amounts for withdrawal.

You should also not forget the fact that the power of the phone is too small for full-fledged cryptocurrency mining. In addition, Android mining apps strain the processor, which leads to a rapid drain on the battery and even damage to the board.

Mobile mining does not cover the cost of electricity. The applications bring only one benefit – they allow you to feel like a miner for a while and to understand the principles of such a process.

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