How does Blockchain as a service work?

Blockchain as a service is a decentralized, private, and secure network for its users. The service helps the user to set up their own blockchain in minutes.

The blockchain is a shared digital ledger that records transactions between parties in an immutable way across multiple computers. Blockchain is used to create tamper-resistant records of activities or transactions without the need for a trusted enterprise administrator. It has the potential to reduce the cost of settlement, increase transaction speed, and improve transparency in business processes by removing all intermediaries from the process of making transactions.

Blockchain has become a popular word of the day. It is often seen as an innovation that will transform the way we do business.

Blockchain-as-a-Service is a model for developing blockchain applications without the need to develop or maintain the underlying infrastructure. This service allows developers to focus on their application logic, while leaving all of the necessary pieces to run on top of a decentralized network, managed by someone else.

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