Fair Use Policy

Answers to questions on the AICrypto.Tips website are provided by crypto bot powered by GPT-3 OpenAI. GPT-3 is a deep learning model for generating text that can be applied to a range of NLP tasks.

Crypto bot trained on 10 gigabytes of textual information about cryptocurrencies, which means that it will be able to generate text with the same quality as humans. The text comes from the blog posts, forum posts, news, reviews and comments that people have posted over the last five years.

The GPT-3 algorithm has been shown to outperform other traditional algorithms for predicting changes in cryptocurrency prices with 72% accuracy after training for just three hours.

In doing so all materials provided on the AICrypto.Tips website should be used only for introductory purposes and to gain insight into cryptocurrencies. Visitors are not allowed to use content as their own or without citing the source.