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Which NFT game is free to play?

In the future, NFT games could be a major player in the online gaming industry. Some examples of free to play NFT games are: “Battle Of Guardians“, “Idle Cyber” and “Axie Infinity“. 1. “Battle Of Guardians” is a fighting game that was created by NetEase Games. The game was released in China on December 18, […]

What are the Best NFT games to earn money?

Crypto-games are a new way to generate revenue and it is a domain that will keep on growing. The rise of crypto-games is due to their ability to deliver the same gaming experience as the traditional ones but with a blockchain economy. The best NFT games to earn money are the ones that provide the […]

How do you make a NFT and sell it?

Making a NFT is an exciting process, and it’s not as complicated as you might think. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital representation of something that is unique and cannot be substituted. They can represent ownership, authenticity and scarcity and they can be used in games or any type of platform that needs to […]

Are NFT coins a good investment?

NFT coins are now being used in various games. They are a digitized representation of the game’s intangible assets. These coins can be bought, sold, and traded on secondary markets. The value of these coins is derived from game developers Some game developers create the coins to represent the game’s intrinsic or extrinsic assets so […]