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How to start mining on minergate mobile

With a few clicks, a user can mine cryptocurrency on their phone. Minergate offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices that lets users mine cryptocurrencies with ease. The app is free to download and comes with a built-in calculator that helps users estimate the number of coins they’ll be able to mine with […]

What is a good hashrate for ethereum mining

A good hashrate for ethereum mining is something that you have to experiment with. It can vary according to the number of GPUs that are being used, the type of GPU, the time period where miners are mining and other factors. It can also vary depending on your energy cost, equipment cost and many other […]

How does XYO geomining work?

The XYO is a global service that mines data from public sources. It allows you to search, analyse and map geospatial information. XYO is the only commercial platform that combines cloud-based Big Data analytics with satellite imagery, aerial photography and social media all in one place – for any location in the world. XYO is […]