Can you really make money on eToro?

The short answer is yes. The key to making money on eToro is to invest in assets that are trading at a premium, and then wait for the price of that asset to fall.

A lot of people think that investing in illiquid assets like stocks or bonds will make you money. And while this can be true, it will take a long time for your investment to grow. On the other hand, investments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum can generate returns within hours.

You can also trade in stocks and Forex using the same account.

Just like any other trading platform, you need to understand what you are doing before jumping in. It is important to make sensible investments by keeping your risk at a minimum.

So if you are looking for quick gains, this is not the place to go. But if you invest wisely and patiently, you can make money on eToro eventually.

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