Can ethereum reach 100k?

Nothing is impossible, given the usefulness of the Ethereum network. However, should not expect such growth in the near future.

For Ethereum to get to $100K it would have to go up by a factor of 25.

There are some factors which contribute to Ethereum’s value. They are:

Scalability: Ethereum can support more than just financial transactions and contracts such as voting systems, digital identity systems, and distributed file storage solutions etc. The scalability of the network is one of the main factors which drives up its value because it increases trust in Ethereum so it has higher potential for adoption by various industries.

Privacy: Ethereum has a lot of use cases, but one of their most popular use cases is for decentralized applications. Decentralized apps is allow users to control their own data and give them the ability to retain ownership over it at all times.


Yes, Ethereum can reach $100000.

Ethereum could reach $100000 because of government use of the Ethereum blockchain, tokenized real estate and digital bonds. All use cases are gaining momentum, and it is only a matter of time before ETH reaches six figures.

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